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V/A "Witchery Flames Of Underground Lust" (CD)

10.00 zł

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June, 2016 Metal Scrap Records

Dziewiąta już płyta kompilacyjna największej ukraińskiej wytwórni płytowej - Metal Scrap Records. Wśród utworów zespołów z Australii, Grecji, Izraela, Włoch, Rosji, Ukrainy i Stanów Zjednoczonych znalazł się także nasz singiel "Age of the Immortal".

Profesjonalny CD z 12-stronicową książeczką z sexy designem.

1. DRUKNROLL - The Loop of World Creation 04:16
2. PSYCHOPHOBIA - The Fall 04:46
3. AETERNUS PROPHET - White Rot of Missing Thoughts 04:42
4. HORTUS ANIMAE - Ungrateful Fate 05:07
5. SABOTAGE - Don't Panic 02:58
6. ESTATE - Hero 3:49
7. ONE STEP BEYOND - Enlightenment 03:14
8. BROKDAR - Lycanthropy 08:41
9. PHANTASMAL - Specter of Death 03:24
10. SUNLIGHT - Struggle for Deliverance 04:01
11. DARK MOROK - Night of the Shadows 03:01
12. NIHILISTINEN BARBAARISUUS - The Child Must Die 02:56
13. STRIDENT - Final Warhead Blast 04:49
14. XPUS - Primordial Evil Essence 04:15
15. GRENOUER - No Sense Aligned 04:17
16. DIVINE WEEP - Age of the Immortal 08:29
17. UNGRACE - Dead Ugly Hearts 05:40

Czas trwania całości: 78:27


The ninth compilation album by Metal Scrap Records.

New chapter in history of worldwide well-know label and, as always, new names that bring us big dose of fresh, heavy and powerfull sounds!

This international compilation collects the songs of the bands from all over the world, featuring artists from Australia, Greece, Israel, Italy, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and USA. Seventeen bands and seventeen scull-crushing tracks of various Metal styles: Thrash, Heavy, Black, Death, Power, Groove, Viking, Industrial, and... witch only knows what else styles! Almost 80 minutes of heaviness, melodiousness and craziness right in your earzzz!!

Made-for-your-eyezz beautiful sexy design of 12-page booklet and perfect mastering of TA Production studio make a final wordzzz right in your face: Keep Alive the F****ng Witchery Flames of Underground Metal!!!
Metal Scrap Records, 2016 (MSR126/CD).